Why You Should Hire Nuss’ Home Inspections, LLC

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

The purchase of a new home is one of the most exciting, important, and expensive investments you will make. Having a home inspection will provide you with the peace of mind that you are purchasing a sound home. It is important to have a professional home inspection to avoid the costly mistake of purchasing a property in need of major repairs. Home inspections are an instrumental part of the home-buying process that can save you time and money, and will help you negotiate the best deal and avoid costly repairs.

We Notice the Little Things

With 15 years of construction experience, we notice the little things. Our home inspection is an evaluation of the visible and accessible interior and exterior structure, systems and components. Your report will include our findings of any material defects we discover in an easy-to-read format. We will also provide my recommendations for monitoring, repair or replacement. And my job isn’t finished until you understand everything in your report!

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant purchases anyone will ever make and it can also be a stressful and overwhelming ordeal. Home inspections are a good way to reduce the stress to ensure your are fully aware of the condition of the property you are purchasing. We can provide you with the confidence you have all the details when making such a large investment. Once you have found a home that you are interested in buying, you should always ensure your offer to purchase is contingent on a home inspection.